The Annals of the Free Church of Scotland

By J M Corner (Rev. Thomas Brown, Annals of The Disruption, 1893) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


William Ewing’s two volumes of the Annals of the Free Church of Scotland is a good starting point for anyone wishing to know about any minister of the Free Church between its formation in 1843 and the union of the majority of that church with the United Presbyterian Church in 1900. In this web-site we have the full text of Ewing’s Annals.

Unfortunately, however, these Annals do not compare favourably in quality with the corresponding work dealing with the Church of Scotland – Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae. To bring Ewing’s Annals up towards that standard, we are also providing here some supplementary information, especially about the families of Free Church ministers. Hence the name of this site: ecclegen – a website which gives ecclesiastical and genealogical information in this area.

This work of supplementing Ewing’s information is an endless task, so we are giving the information we have already gathered and as more becomes available, this web-site will be updated.

However, in the course of doing this research we have gathered other material that is relevant to these men whom Ewing deals with. In particular, we also have here three other sources of information:

  • Thomas Brown’s Annals of the Disruptionwhich, in the course of telling the story of the Disruption, gives much biographical information about the original Free Church ministers;
  • James A. Wylie’s Disruption Worthieswhich, as well as briefly telling the story of the Free Church’s origin, provides over 70 biographies of people closely associated with the formation of the Free Church; and
  • Obituaries, gleaned from The Free Church Monthly Record.

Overall, therefore, this website supplies a good source of basic information regarding the ministers of the Free Church of Scotland from 1843 to 1900 and their families.

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